Introduction to frame Loom Weaving II

  • Enamel 3123 Morgan Ford Road Saint Louis, MO, 63116 United States

Super limited. 8 spots. Tickets available online.

A new addition to our class line up, this workshop is designed to add to your tool box of skills but still be beginner friendly. Taught by Hillary Bird of Wabi Sabi Textile Company, this class covers the basics like plain weave, rya, and shapes. Then, Hillary shows you how to add texture with pile (fluff like carpets), soumack (looks like a braid), and hem stitching. Finishing techniques to complete your piece are also on the menu.

All materials and tools included, from a multitude of yarn to your very own loom. We are super excited to collaborate with local maker Collin Garrity for the frame looms for the workshop! If you have taken a weaving class with us before and have your own loom, please select the "I have my own loom" ticket ($50.00) when you register.

Registration closes 24 hours before class begins. Last minute registration? Send us a note and we'll see if we can fit you in!

About Hillary:

Throughout her life, Hillary's creative endeavors have always come back to fiber. She dabbled in countless types of artist processes, but it wasn't until the first time she picked up a loom that everything came together. Her years spent as a seamstress paired with her love of color and design naturally evolved into a passion for weaving. In the future, she has plans to weave fabric and rugs, which require different types of looms...something Hillary is always happily collecting! As a member of the Weavers' Guild of St. Louis, she is continually looking for new ways to learn her craft and fiber friends to share knowledge with!